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Inscription Point Inspiration 

Theres a place, a very special place in Kurnell, Sydney, called Inscription Point. The area is at the southern headland of Kamay Botany Bay National Park, near Cronulla. This area is of cultural and national significance and there’s heaps to know about this area if you’re keen.

This little treasure is home to a diversity of marine life, the moment you place your toes in the water. Here, the clear waters are shallow enough for the sunlight to warm you, as you swim in the lovely water.

On a hot summers day, registering at 35 Degree Celsius, I decided to go snorkelling at this wonderful site and I was glad I did.

Because the site is part of an intertidal protected area, collecting of seashore animals including cockles, snails, cunjevoi, crabs, pipis, oysters, octopus, sea urchins and muscles is prohibited within the radius displayed on the above sign.

The snorkelling here is amazing because you “sea” loads of marine life in such shallow water. I snorkelled at high tide and the water was still lovely and shallow for a snorkel.

On this particular day and only within a few minutes since entering the water, some of the marine life I saw, included:

1/ An adult Gloomy Octopus, changing colours, textures and shapes, generously extending one of its arms out towards me;

2/ Red Morwong;

3/ A Blotched Ray underneath a rock;

4/ A juvenile Moray Eel, playing peek-a-boo with me underneath another rock;

5/ Two juvenile Giant Cuttlefish;

6/ Rainbow Kale;

7/ Crimson-Banded Wrasse;

8/ Different varieties of Sea Urchins; and

9/ Schooling: Stripeys, Sydney Cardinalfish, Tarwine, Goatfish, Toadfish, Brim, Blue Morwong and much, much more.

I had loads of fun interacting with the octopus from a safe and respectful distance. This particular octopus was curious and playful.

I highly recommend this site for a snorkel and you’ll need a day pass ($8) to enter.


Published by Karina Teuma Karina Teuma is a Passionate Marine Biology Enthusiast, Environmentalist, Snorkeller, Freediver, Scuba Diver and more.

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